I am Yossi De Levie, an inventor and entrepreneur from Israel

About me

I am is an inventor, entrepreneur, and investor, with over 45 years of experience in company management, product development, and manufacturing.
My entrepreneurial journey began in 1974, upon completion of my army service in the IDF, when I established a real-estate development company that at its peak employed 70 workers. As a member of the Israeli Union of Industrialists, I also voluntarily assisted in the construction of the Ashkelon Marina, a monument that is still enjoyed by beachgoers to this day.
However, my true breakout was in 1987, when I founded Games & Sports Ltd., which grew to be a leading Israeli manufacturer, and exporter, of playground equipment, with over 300 successful products sold to the international market and with annual revenues of $15 million. In 2002, Games & Sports was acquired by Gaon-Holdings, controlled by the late Benny Gaon.

In 1996, I founded "Tynat Hydro Industries" together with the world-renowned industrialist Stef Wertheimer. Tynat received a $7 million investment from Nir Barkat, currently MP and former mayor of Jerusalem, and Harvey Krueger, who was Chairman of Lehman Brothers at the time. Tynat Hydro Industries developed and sold a unique technology for water-powered propulsion. After reaching annual revenues of over $25 million, the company was sold to Suncast. 

The successes I found as an entrepreneur, led to the founding of my own dream project - the Microdel idea factory.


The Microdel idea factory

Originally founded in 2004 as the company to house the founder’s portfolio of ideas, Microdel developed a unique business model to grow new and revolutionary companies.
Yossi De Levie understood that Microdel’s core competency is the ability to execute and bring ideas to the market. To that end, he developed what was at the time a breakthrough process to identify and nurture new ideas.
Microdel is a venture builder, that is the first investor in breakthrough ideas, taking a large equity stake at a low valuation and driving commercialization and go-to-market. 

Microdel understands that most inventors are not entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is a special talent and that is Microdel’s specialty.

Some of my

Portfolio companies

Here are some videos from my portfolio companies. This is just a tiny sample, there is so much more.

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